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Number of European Americans

  • 1800
  • 1850
  • 1900
  • 1950
  • 2010
  • Countries of Arrival
of the United States
(Population 4,306,446)

of the United States
(Population 19,553,068)

of the United States
(Population 66,809,196)

of the United States
(Population 134,942,028)

of the United States
(Population 223,553,265)

Karen R. Humes; Nicholas A. Jones; Roberto R. Ramirez (March 2011). “Overview of Race and Hispanic Origin: 2010” (PDF). US Census Bureau. Retrieved 11 March 2016.

Germany (6,978,000)

Italy (5,294,000)

Great Britain (4,898,000)

Ireland (4,723,000)

Austria- Hungary (4,315,000)

Russia (3,374,000)

Sweden (1,272,000)

Norway (856,000)

France (751,000)

Greece (655,000)

Portugal (446,000)

Denmark (364,000)

Netherlands (359,000)

Finland (33,000)

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Our archival collections cover records dating back to 1640 and include some of the most precious collections in Europe.

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IntoThePast transforms your research into stunning visuals and infographics you can easily share with your friends and relatives.

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Present your family origins and values shared in your household in the form of a beautiful crest. Easily share it with your relatives and friends and let them know what your family stands for.

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Borders in Europe were constantly changing over the centuries. Let us help you make sense of it!


Digitizing the past for you

Meet our book scanners

We are not only making content availabe online – we are also digitizing parts of it with our proper hardware. It is our contribution to the conservation of cultural heritage. Learn more here.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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  • 1. What is IntoThePast?

    IntoThePast is an intuitive and easy-to-use genealogy platform that empowers anyone with an interest in their past – from beginners right through to more experienced researchers. This is achieved by enabling access to a wealth of European records and documents, many of which have never previously been digitally available and are exclusive to the site. On top of this, IntoThePast unlocks a variety of fascinating handwritten sources, by using groundbreaking technology to make them easily searchable for the first time.

  • 2. What is your mission?

    IntoThePast believes that:

    • Everyone should be able to easily research information about their family.
    • Historical documents should be preserved for future generations.
    • Archives and records are a treasure of humanity’s history.
    • Understanding your past helps you understand your present.
    • Unlocking records sheds light on our common journey throughout history.
    • Genealogy should be accessible and enjoyable for everyone.
  • 3. What is your contribution to the genealogical world?

    Genealogy can be complex but the research tools used should be simple and accessible, so that our users can focus on discovering more about the people and stories that interest them most. IntoThePast is powered by a groundbreaking new technology to make the experience of studying the past as intuitive and enjoyable as possible. For users, IntoThePast:

    • Gives access to exclusive and non-exclusive European records and documents.
    • Makes handwritten content easily searchable.
    • Simplifies the research process and gives a wider context to findings.
    • Is a free resource that is open to all levels genealogist, from amateur to experienced.
  • 4. How and why does IntoThePast give context to research?

    IntoThePast helps users discover more about the life of their ancestors, through not only blood or legal relatives, but also neighbours, communities or the local history of the time. The platform can show relevant maps, statistics and facts about a user’s family and circles, ranging from life expectancy, migration flow or countries of origins. While finding European records is the key feature of the platform, IntoThePast is more than just a search engine for archives or another family tree tool. Giving context to the research opens up a whole new way for our users to look at their lineage, helping them see a clearer picture of the past.

  • 5. Who is IntoThePast designed for?

    IntoThePast wants to empower anyone with an interest in genealogy – whether experts or beginners – by giving them better tools to work with and better access to the records they need. The platform is open to anyone who has an interest in history and the story of their family, wherever in the world they might be based.

  • 6. What type of content and archives are available via the site?

    Online access to continental European records has so far been very limited and challenging. One of IntoThePast’s contributions to the genealogy world is that it is opening the gate to exclusive and non-exclusive European archival treasures. Furthermore, much of the handwritten content available online has been previously impossible to make sense of since it  had not been made searchable. By using groundbreaking machine learning technology, IntoThePast is set to change this. The types of documents available via IntoThePast include: birth and death records, passports, letters, diaries and more.

  • 7. Who is the team behind IntoThePast?

    IntoThePast is part of the Qidenus Group, home to Qidenus Technologies, a global leader in archives digitization and SearchInk, a groundbreaking machine learning technology. The platform is a trusted, long term partner of some of Europe’s and the world’s most prestigious archives and libraries and the team is as diverse as it is passionate: we understand how important our roots are to both common and individual identities.

  • 8. Can you explain more about the handwritten text recognition technology?

    HTR stands for Handwritten Text Recognition. It is a technology that enables a software to ’read’ handwritten documents and then translate lines and pixels into letters and words. IntoThePast is powered by the technology product SearchInk, which not only enables the machine to read handwritten records but goes one step further by enabling users to search for a specific term (such as a family name) as well as understand the context and format of a document. SearchInk achieves this via machine learning, meaning that the algorithm is continuously improving and updating itself in order to become even more accurate.